Photo: Melting Glacier
Photograph by Ralph Lee Hopkins

On a planet defined by unprecedented change, perhaps our most precious resource has become knowledge. Only with access to accurate, unbiased facts can a world brimming with possibilities and perils begin to make sense.

Allianz and National Geographic magazine share this commitment to trustworthy, thoroughly researched, well-presented information. As a result, Allianz proudly supports EarthPulse and the new understanding this vital National Geographic report makes possible.

Our separate yet parallel efforts reflect just how seriously Allianz takes the need for informed solutions. The Allianz Knowledge Initiative works with experts from every sector to gather information, present a wide range of perspectives, and empower dialog on global warming, demographic change, economic injustice, and other major challenges.

As our global connections tighten, the pulse of our planet quickens. But so can our ability to understand. So starting with these pages, and a visit to the Allianz Knowledge Partnersite, we urge you to expand your own awareness about the strains being placed on our planet. Perhaps the one thing more powerful than the challenges we face is the knowledge we share together.

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